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Payroll Management – Why should I do it myself?

Full-service payroll management companies often charge exorbitant amounts to provide their service. If there are any changes that need to be made on the fly, you often have to go through their bureaucracies to get it through. This could take weeks to be fully accomplished. You also have no direct management over all your payroll information.

When you do payroll management yourself, it is not only less expensive, but you have full control over all payroll information as well as immediate access to make changes. Paycheck Manager has made this easy for you. There is no need for paper shuffling or waiting for things to be approved. It is simple and is accessible online anywhere, any time.

  • Prepare paychecks, pay stubs, payment vouchers and payroll reports
  • View and print paychecks from your own computer
  • Calculate hourly or salaried, bonus, 401k and other earnings or deductions
  • View payroll tax summaries with immediate results
  • Maintain up to 3 years of payroll tax history online

Best of all, Paycheck Manager is FREE to try for up to 3 months!

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