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A Complete Self-Service Payroll Software

Paycheck Manager’s Payroll Software has all the features of Paycheck Manager’s FREE Payroll Tax Calculator plus more!

Securely Save and Manage Your Paychecks

A key feature of Paycheck Manager is that it allows you to securely save your paycheck/payroll information for management at a later time. Managing payroll can be a complicated process, but Paycheck Manager makes it easy.

With Paycheck Manager, you can calculate, print and save paychecks. After doing so, you have the options to view, void*, delete* or re-print a paycheck at any time. Paycheck Manager has also created a streamline system for you to easily create paydays based upon your last pay date. It’s simple and robust, allowing you to automate past paychecks and manually calculate new paychecks all in one payday.

Generate Payroll Tax Vouchers and Tax Reports Immediately

Once you've calculated your first payday, you can then easily and quickly generate payroll vouchers and payroll tax reports on the fly. If you don’t want to do that or make payments immediately, Paycheck Manager will automatically remind you when your next payment is due. Never miss a payroll deposit or tax payment again!

For your own record keeping, Paycheck Manager allows you to generate paycheck reports and summarize all payroll activities without any paper shuffling.

E-file Form 941 - NEW!

Easily generate and e-file form 941 straight from Paycheck Manager to the IRS.

Note: In order to e-file form 941, you must have a 941 e-file PIN from the IRS. If you do not have one, please apply for one here for FREE. Or contact us for more information.

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