Paycheck Manager is an Affordable Complete Small Business Payroll Software

Paycheck Manager is FREE for up to 3 calendar months for new users!

Choose either Basic Payroll Software or have us make tax deposits and e-File payroll returns for you. The basic payroll software is a monthly or annual subscription, see details. The Managed Service (we make tax deposits and file returns based on your paychecks) is billed automatically every month based on the number of employees (X) with paychecks for each company.

Basic Service

Do-it-yourself payroll: easily run payroll and handle payroll taxes on your own.

Starting At

$6 / month

no setup fee
  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Print checks anytime
  • Add earning and deduction items
  • Accurate Fed & State tax calculations
  • Real-time updates of taxes and forms
  • And more
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Managed Service

Managed payroll: effortlessly run payroll and let us manage your payroll taxes.

$12 / month

+ $2 / month per employee

+ $10 setup fee
  • All Basic Service
  • We file all federal forms for you
  • We file state forms for you*
  • We file and deposit federal taxes
  • We file and deposit state taxes*
  • And more
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* Available for limited states

Basic Service Managed Service
Starting At
$6 / month
$12 / month +
$2 / month per employee
Setup Fee Free $10 one-time
Unlimited payroll run
Print checks anytime
Add earning and deduction items (tips, 401K, POP, child support, etc.)
Accurately calculate and track Federal and state taxes
Create Forms 941, 940, W-2, W-3, and state forms*
Real-time update of taxes and tax forms based on saved checks
E-pay directly to IRS from your account $25 / year • Self-managed
E-pay directly to states from your account* Fees apply • Self-managed **
Mail or e-file Forms 941, 940, 944 $30 / year • Self-managed
Mail or e-file Forms W-2, W-3 $5 + $2 / Employee • Self-managed
Mail or e-file State payroll forms* Fees apply • Self-managed **
Try 3 Months Free Try 3 Months Free

* Available for limited states

** Managed e-pay directly to states is available for California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia at this time

Price subject to change without notice. is designed specifically for small businesses and received a US patent for its simplicity. Our company, C&S Technologies, has been working on payroll tax library since 1998. We started to work with the IRS and SSA on Income tax 1040s, payroll 941 and W2 online e-File since 2000. C&S is one of very few companies that were approved to provide e-File for both individual income tax and business payroll tax returns. for individual income tax 1040s filing was acquired by Liberty Tax several years ago so we now focus on payroll services only.

Payroll for any company with employees consists of 3 responsibilities, calculate paychecks, deposit taxes and file tax returns. Because we built and own the intellectual properties for tax calculations, efile and ACH processes, we can offer the online payroll services at a comparably much lower price to meet the same payroll requirements.

Paycheckmanager software is designed for simplicity. Users can create paychecks in minutes and tax liabilities and tax returns are updated in real-time. may not suitable for all companies though we believe it provides the easiest tool for small businesses to manage their payrolls easily, accurately and efficiently.

Print check - Supplies of blank check stock paper

You can print paychecks on standard 3-part blank check stock (check on top, pay-stubs at the two bottom sections). You can purchase the blank check stocks from local office suppliers or online. You may also purchase the check paper from us as a service for your convenience.

Buy blank check stocks & envelopes

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