Self-Service or Managed Service PayrollPayroll that's flexible and managed just the way you want.

Paycheck Manager makes managing employee payroll easy, simple and affordable.

You have the tools to easily prepare, view, and print paychecks, payment vouchers, and payroll reports with our Basic Service.

Upgrade to our Managed Services and effortlessly run payroll and let us manage your payroll taxes

Paycheck Manager is FREE for up to 3 calendar months for new users!

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Basic Service

Do-it-yourself payroll: easily run payroll and handle payroll taxes on your own.

Starting At

$6 / month

no setup fee
  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Print checks anytime
  • Add earning and deduction items
  • Accurate Fed & State tax calculations
  • Real-time updates of taxes and forms
  • And more
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Managed Service

Managed payroll: effortlessly run payroll and let us manage your payroll taxes.

$12 / month

+ $2 / month per employee

+ $10 setup fee
  • All Basic Service
  • We file all federal forms for you
  • We file state forms for you*
  • We file and deposit federal taxes
  • We file and deposit state taxes*
  • And more
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Paycheck Manager Details

Paycheck Manager provides a complete self-service payroll management tool for any user who wants to prepare, view, and print paychecks, payment vouchers, and payroll reports. All information will be saved in our secure environment for easy payroll management. This portion is FREE to try for up to 3 months.

C&S Technology has been an IRS authorized e-file and payroll service provider for 15 years. Over the years, we have built a robust tax library for Federal and States. Paycheck Manager is one of our six websites providing payroll and e-file services specifically to small businesses.

C&S e-files payroll data to the IRS servers directly. We are one of very few companies that are authorized to file payroll forms 941, 940, W2, etc. electronically to the IRS, SSA, and certain States. We provide payroll e-file services to businesses as well as tax professionals.

We are familiar with ACH payment processing. You can make Federal payroll tax deposits directly from Paycheck Manager. We also offer electronic tax payments to some States (CA, FL, etc.).

You can create paychecks anytime. Our system will save all paychecks, calculate payroll tax deposits, and generate payroll returns (941, 940, W2, etc.) as needed. Paycheck Manager is extremely easy to use and enables users to manage their company payroll effectively.

Free Paycheck Calculator

FREE Paycheck Calculator

Paycheck Manager provides a FREE Payroll Tax Calculator with a no hassle policy.

Paycheck Manager's Paycheck Calculator is a free service available for anyone, and no account is required for use. Users input their business payroll data, including salary information, state, pay cycle, marital status, allowances, and deductions. Then, they are provided with a detailed analysis that gives estimated payroll taxes and net income.

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