Complete Payroll Service for California Small Businesses

Online payroll management: effortlessly run payroll and let us manage your Federal and California (EDD) payroll taxes. Easily file DE-9 / DE-9C.

$12 / month

+ $2 / month per employee

+ $10 setup fee
Try 3 Months Free

Our Managed Service helps you manage your company payroll easily. You can use Paycheckmanager to prepare paychecks easily and we will take care of tax deposits and payroll filings to the IRS and EDD for you based on the paychecks you have created and saved.

California Payroll Service

Basic Service Managed Service
Starting At
$6 / month
$12 / month +
$2 / month per employee
Setup Fee Free $10 one-time
Unlimited payroll run
Print checks anytime
Add earning and deduction items (tips, 401K, POP, child support, etc.)
Accurately calculate and track Federal and California taxes
Create Forms 941, 940, W-2, W-3, and CA DE-9, DE-9C
Real-time update of taxes and tax forms based on saved checks
E-pay directly to IRS from your account $25 / year • Self-managed
E-pay directly to EDD from your account Fees apply • Self-managed
Mail or e-file Forms 941, 940, W-2, W-3 $25 / year • Self-managed
Mail or e-file California Forms DE-9, DE-9C Fees apply • Self-managed
Try 3 Months Free Try 3 Months Free

Make Your California Payroll Tax Deposits (DE-88) on Time

2023 California Payroll Tax Due Dates

All employers are required to electronically submit employment tax returns, wage reports, and payroll tax deposits to the Employment Development Department (EDD). Penalties for noncompliance will be charged starting January 1, 2019. For more information, visit E-file and E-pay Mandate for Employers.

California Payroll Tax Despite Schedule

Employer contributions of Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Employment Training Tax (ETT) are due quarterly. Monies withheld from employees’ wages for State Disability Insurance (SDI) and California Personal Income Tax (PIT) may need to be deposited more often if you withhold over $350 in PIT, see the California Deposit Requirements table below. The deposit frequency is based on each employer’s federal deposit schedule/requirement and the amount of accumulated PIT withheld.

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