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How do I pay taxes to the IRS and the State?

For Federal payroll taxes, you can enroll in our EFTPS payment service ($25 per year) then you will be able to 'make payment' directly from your account. We will make the payment from your bank account to the IRS account directly (not going through our account). Alternatively, you can use website to register and make payments based on the taxes calculated at We offer tax deposit service for a few selected States (CA, e.g.) so you can make tax deposits directly from your account. Otherwise, please visit the State revenue department website to explore online or other payment options.

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How do I e-file W-3 form?

Our system produces a W-3 form with your W2s. However, if you eFile W2s, you do not need to mail or eFile a W-3 to the SSA or IRS. The W-3 information is included in the W-2 data eFiled to the SSA.

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Is there a payroll report for Worker's Comp reporting? does not have a customized report for Worker's comp. You can 'Export' paycheck information to an Excel worksheet to get all details. You can then create a report for your Worker's comp reporting.

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How can I open the file I downloaded (W2, e.g.)?

Because there are different copies for employee & employer, these copies are saved in a zipped folder. Please save the zipped folder first then unzip to see the copies inside (copy B, C, 1, 2, etc). If you use a Mac, you may need to change the saved folder name from 'xxx....ASPX' to 'xxx....ZIP' then unzip to see the PDF copies inside. The W-3 is not zipped, so change it to .PDF if necessary.

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