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How should I handle tips? What if my servers divided up the tips already?

The tips need to be included in the tax calculation. You can add an earning item (+, add row) for the reported tips. The amount will be included as regular income for payroll tax calculation. Since the waiters have taken the money already, you can add an after-tax, misc adjustment of equal and negative amount to reduce the net check amount. Basically, you add the tips for tax calculation then deduct it after tax since the money is already taken.

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My company has employees in different States, how can I calculate payroll taxes for different States?

Although calculate payroll taxes for all of the States, the system is limited to reporting for the employer's State. As a result, only taxes for the employer's State are calculated.

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Can I use to create paychecks, W2s and payroll reports for prior years?

Yes, you can create checks for up to 3 prior years. All payroll returns and W2s can be created accordingly. You just need to make sure the year is selected and the proper check dates are used.

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How do I create and file 1099-misc for contractors? is for payroll and employees. If you need to create and file 1099s for contractors, please visit or

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