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I have paid & received an order number, but still cannot create checks. What is the problem?

The credit card transaction may have failed. Please check "Subscription & fee" under "My Account" for details on subscription period, payment history and transaction status.

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Why are the YTD (year to date) amounts wrong on some of the checks? How do I change it?

If you edit, add or delete a previously saved check, the later checks for the employee will not be changed, including the YTD amount on the pay-stub. You can edit the later checks and "Calculate" to compute it again then the YTD will reflect the correct YTD at that moment. You can delete and re-create the check as well.

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How do I print paychecks?

If you want to preprint actual paychecks with the eSmart calculator, make sure you have a laser printer (not Inkjet or thermal printers) and the standard 3-part blank check stocks.

The company, employee and bank information you entered will not be saved after you leave our website. The information you entered is used to prepare the check image in PDF format. You can save the check image to your computer and print it later. You will need an Acrobat Reader to view and print.

Because the MICR font at the bottom of the check (funny numbers) is critical for banks to scan your check, you need to use at least a laser printer with sufficient carbon content. There are special cartridges available for printing checks you may want to purchase should your bank have problem processing the checks.

Make sure you do not use 'Shrink to fit' function when setting your printer property because the function may change the specific location on the paycheck, thus causing difficulties for banks to scan. The bank often processes the check manually, though you may be charged if the problem continues.

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How do I print check with company name and bank information?

You need to enter a cell phone number first, our system will send you a code immediately. The bank information (routing number, account number, etc.) is entered on the same page as your company information. You can then create new checks and select the template to print the check with correct bank information. If you have the blank paper check stock, you can print real checks, sign and distribute to employees.

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How do I purchase blank check paper so I can print real checks?

You can purchase blank check paper stocks at your local Staples, etc., at our site by going to 'Search/View/Edit Checks' under 'Paychecks', or call us 408-935-8969. You need to purchase blank check paper with check on the top 1/3 of the page.

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How do I change the withholding amount to withhold more (or less)?

When you "Calculate" taxes in, our system applies proper tax tables. You have the flexibility to adjust the income (Fed and State) tax withholding amounts to anything you want because they are estimates of actual tax liabilities. You can then click 'Confirm Ajustments' to complete the math. You can change any amounts on the paycheck, but you should always start with "Calculate" so proper tax calculations are applied first.

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